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Raleksas - retail and wholesale
up to chemical and biological products.


Who we are?

We provide high quality chemical, biological products, pipelines, parts of it for an attractive price. If you have any questions, contact us by number or e-mail provided in contacts column.

Joint Stock Company "Raleksas" was founded in 1993. JSC "Raleksas" is Lithuanian capital company. The priority direction of activity of JSC "Raleksas" is a wholesale and retail sale of chemical products, boilers, pipes and pipelines, as well as feed additives for livestock and poultry. Our specialists are highly qualified and can offer our commercial clients quality services to ensure the necessary goods and services. JSC "Raleksas" has its own warehouse with rail car, truck and other necessary equipment, which ensures timely delivery of the required quantity of goods to customers. Our enterprise customers are companies from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, etc. Products sold by our company, we import directly from the companies - manufacturers, so we offer quality products at affordable prices. Our trade suppliers are well - known companies from Russia, Germany, China, Poland, Czech Republic, etc.


Šeškinės g. 59A, Vilniaus m.,
Vilniaus m. sav., LT-07159
Phone:+370 5 2405606
Fax +370 5 2405605
Work hours
I-IV 08.00-17.00
V 08.00-17.00